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First Road Trip: all Things You Need

At the age of eighteen you are considered mature enough to make life decisions like voting. This is also the age that you get your freedom and you are all hooked up with new adventures of parental freedom. You want that your first road trip with your friends without any parental control.

Being a new thing, there are a lot that you do not know. Did you know that most rental companies do not or at least charge more fee when renting their car and you are aged twenty four and below. Renting a car at 24 or below is never an easy task. Other than that, there are a lot of things to consider before your first road trip. Below are a list of things to pack and some tips for your first road trip.

List of things to carry for your first road trip

1.Map for navigation

2.Gas card to use at gas stations

3.Entertainment devices

4.Credit cards or cash in case you need to buy anything

5.Spare car keys

6.Car tool box

7.Car spare wheel


Tips for your first road trip

1.Make a non-rigid plan.

It is wise to plot out your stopping points for efficient driving. Organize the stops in a manner that your drives will not last for more than eight hours. Other than that do not plan a lot of things that will overload your trip.

2. Clean your car and check your vehicle before starting your journey.

This allows you to find the mechanical problems in your car hence avoiding a problematic trip. Removing the carnage allows you to have a clean drive.

3. Check on the new routes

Unless you have a specific route that you have set to follow go off the highways and check on the new routes. Use your map to find the location of the sceneries of the highways. It is exciting use the routes that you have not used before.

4.You should have an escape plan for the country routes.

Sometimes, the country routes gat boring or a little hasty that you need to get back to the highways. Make sure you use good routes to avoid damaging the car hence the application of extra fee for renting a car at 24. Anticipate the trouble spots, do not drive into a ditch or a river bank.

5.Prepare your phone with adequate entertainment before setting off.

During road trips there are some places with no or poor radio frequencies that do not allow you to tune in your favorite entertainment station. Setting up your phone or laptop with adequate entertainment and sustainable power will make your trip more fun. You will be driving as you listen and sing along your favorite music.


6.Be team players.

Let everyone have a different role in the trip. Share the roles as per your strengths and help one another when troubled. Join roadside rescue services and assist other stuck travelers. This will keep you busy and you will not get bored easily. Collect artifacts that you find on the trip for memories and souvenir.

A road trip is meant to be interesting and fun. Whether there are challenges like renting a car at 24 or below, it is important to indulge in the activities that will make your trip interesting.

Plan Your Next Trip: Websites That Do The Work For You

It can be overwhelming to plan a vacation or holiday somewhere because there are so many details you need to figure out. From booking a flight, to renting a hotel, to renting a car for 24-hours, and even deciding what you’re going to do everyday—planning a trip can seem like a full-time job.

But it’s not a job that you have to do alone. There are some amazing websites to help you organize everything you need in one place.

Planning Before You Get There

●Find a place to stay.

There are many websites to help you find the best deals on hotels. Check out HotelsCombined,Hotels.com, and HotelTonight.
○AirBnb. If you want to check out a different way to vacation, you can always book an AirBnb to have a unique travel experience. You will be able to easily compare prices on the website.
○If you want to stay at a hostel, check out HostelWorld.

●Figure out how you’re going to get there.

If you’re planning to fly to your destination, pay attention to the best flight deals you can get. Some online resources that will keep you updated on the best flight deals are: Momondo, Skyscanner, and Google Flights.

●Book a rental car.

Even if you want to rent a car for 24 hours, you will still want to look into getting the best prices for that time. Some websites that will help you compare prices.

●Protect yourself.

Before you travel anywhere (especially internationally) you will want to make sure that you have all of the proper vaccinations that you will need to enter in the country you’re visiting. You will also want to make sure that you’re protecting yourself from sickness while you’re there. Passport Health is a website that can help you discover what vaccinations you need for each country you visit and they will also even administer those vaccinations at your local clinic.

Planning Once You’re There

Once you reach your destination of choice, you’re going to want to find out what you can actually do every day. Planning a day-to-day itinerary can be hard, especially if you’ve never been to your destination before. There will be so many places for you to see and things to do that it can be hard to narrow it down.

There are many online resources out there will pre-made itineraries or place-specific suggestions that will help make this process easier:


Planning a trip may seem like too much work, but it doesn’t have to be. With online resources, you can easily plan out your details such as how to rent a car for 24-hours to what exactly you’re going to do every day.